Change Plastic for Good and Pacific Coffee Team Up

SCMP Photo
Peter Hurst (left) and Ryan Jesse (right) display the organic Change Plastic for Good polymer that is molded into plastic to enhance biodegradability in landfill.

In our latest effort to make some environmental changes on Planet Earth, Change Plastic for Good has partnered with Pacific Coffee, getting some serious horsepower behind us. There is nothing more effective than aligning with a powerhouse brand, and that is exactly what we have done by partnering with the coolest coffee chain in Hong Kong. And now that we have been featured in the South Morning China Post (see link below), we are hoping even more companies will join the movement to eliminate the plastic waste problem and slap a big, fat   bdp-logo-small on the bottom of their products. And one day this will be the mark of your products being ‘landfill friendly’.

When we first started our company earlier this year, we contacted the CEO of Pacific Coffee. He is a good friend of ours and notorious for his slow response time on emails. Its okay Jonathan, we know you are busy:) When we received a response immediately, we knew that we had something here. We started to see a similar pattern with all of the companies we reached out to. Pacific Coffee was the first to realize what was sitting in front of them and they made the decision to switch to Change Plastic for Good. This is a change that could have a lasting effect, not only for Hong Kong’s landfill problem but for setting the trends for other businesses to follow in their footsteps.

For those of you Westerner’s that have only heard of Starbucks or Tim Hortons if you are a Canadian like me, Pacific Coffee is a popular coffee chain with locations in China, Malaysia and Macau. They capture the culture of the Western coffee shop nicely. In fact, when i visit Hong Kong I don’t look for a Starbucks anymore. The cool kids hang out at Pacific Coffee and believe it or not, it IS cool to be green these days.

We had the pleasure of having dinner with the CEO, Jonathan Somerville and his lovely wife Petra, who bought us dinner and an Uber from Sai Kung to my hotel in Tin Hau. I guess ‘coolness’ is a Pacific Coffee trait! We spent the evening chatting about what we hoped to achieve while living life on this planet. It wasn’t surprising that the environment was at the top of this list. If people could understand the damage we have done as a species and what that damage means for our future on earth, they would change their habits…. I am convinced of it.

I recently watched a documentary on the raising of animals for food and the statistics were shocking. If mankind would adopt a plant based diet, we would eliminate 18% of greenhouse gases. (literally caused by farting cows). We would also free up 30% of arable land that is now occupied by livestock. Plastic that ends up in oceans can end up inside of us. We eat the fish that eat the plastic.

Our goal here is to be realistic. The industry that we work in is stubborn in their adoption of new technology, mostly due to greenwashing. This is where companies promote and market that they are green-minded when in fact they are not. For them it is all about the almighty dollar and driving a healthy bottom line. So we totally get the skepticism…but at the same time we as intellectual, sentient beings can’t ignore innovation because of a few rotten apples. The days of burning scientists at the stake for claiming the earth is round, are over. We have the technical knowledge and the testing facilities to prove and disprove theories, so let’s use science instead of opinion when it comes to technologies such as ours….and we have both science and opinions let me tell you!

We live in an age where we aspire to take a human head off of a spinal chord and attach it to a different body. We believe Elon Musk when he says he will build a sustainable society on Mars or make space travel public…..Is it really that hard to believe we have developed a polymer in plastic that can enhance a natural process that used to take centuries? We are here to tell you it is not myth and we can prove it!

We consider ourselves pretty smart people that work with smart scientists and partner with smart companies that understand the importance of our mission. And we will continue to grow and innovate with companies like Pacific Coffee, to bring Change Plastic for Good to the world!