Coffee Chains in the U.K. under Fire for coating on cups.


What is going on in the U.K. that is getting everyone up in arms about the coating on coffee cups? Well…. most people don’t know this, but the inside of those paper cups are coated with plastic. And when these so called ‘environmentally friendly’ paper cups end up in landfills, what happens to these cups? The don’t biodegrade, thats what happens. And the coffee chains are taking heat from consumers and government.

This coating is made of Polyethylene, a plastic that is known for its heat resistance and durability. Once this tough coating is applied to the cup, it basically traps the paper portion of the cup beneath this barrier, keeping the paper from biodegrading. Microbes are tiny organisms that consume carbon. The stronger the carbon chains, the harder it is for microbes to consume it. Plastic is made of long polymer chains that are difficult for microbes to consume.

If you didn’t take biology in high school or have never seen Star Wars, than this next section might not make sense, but i’ll do my best to explain how this works. Microbes are like Midi-Chlordans. They live all around us, even in us. Now they won’t allow you telekinetically throw stuff at your kid sister across the room or control weak minded people, but they do have their own kind of magic. They are the oldest organisms on earth and according to Louis Pasteur, ‘Life would not long remain possible in the absence of microbes’. Microbes have an endless list of benefits from inside our bodies to the planet as a whole. They make up 60% of our planets living matter. They also breakdown plant and animal matter including waste. Now….when a synthetic product is dropped into a microbe rich environment, it would be like a human trying to chew a jawbreaker right out of the package. Its not happening fast. It requires moisture, heat and most of all….time. Just like the jawbreaker, Microbes require a similar environment. Eventually they will process plastic, but this could take hundreds if not thousands of years…..

So what in the world are the Starbucks, McDonald’s and Costa Coffee’s to do?? …. We have the answer, and believe you me, you will be impressed at what our ‘magic recipe’ can do!

Change Plastic for Good has developed an organic polymer that can be moulded into this coating. Once this Breakdown-treated coating is applied to the cup and it eventually ends up in the landfill, the microbes that normally wouldn’t be able to chew through this coating can now consume it. Change Plastic for Good attracts these hungry microbes, allowing them inside the plastic…..and the resulting ‘microbe poop’ is all natural. Basically our polymer allows Mother Nature to do her job, just a little faster….well actually a lot faster. Our treated plastics, rubbers and foams (thats right….Breakdown works in tires and foam pool noodles too!) biodegrade in landfills within a few years….and it’s inexpensive and easy to use.

We are calling all coffee companies in the U.K. and beyond to contact us. We need to be thinking about our planet and what state we will leave it in for future generations. Change Plastic for Good can help turn this mess into organic waste and even clean energy. Follow us on our social media and help us in our mission to rid the world of plastic waste.

Here is the link to the article that prompted me to write this blog post.