‘Change Plastic for Good’
means more than an ingredient

Our little butterfly represents change for plastic itself, but it means so much more...

The science

Save the planet

Today, most of our trash goes to the landfill. Our food, our packaging, our furniture… That shirt you wore as a toddler is still out there… we aim to change that.

of all plastic ends
up in a landfill

Ocean Clean Up

The world is drowning in plastic waste. As a company, we will donate a portion of our profits to help plastic waste clean up, ushering in a true circular economy. You can play a part in cleaning up our planet, now and in the future.

Anaerobic Digestion

When food decomposes, it creates natural gas which is captured in large digesters. This clean fuel is used for electricity and the compost and fertilizer are used on farms. One day, we will say goodbye to landfills and hello to digesters!

Anti Greenwashing

Many products claim to be sustainable but few actually are. The butterfly is a lighthouse in a storm of confusion and we guide consumers and companies to shore. We are actively confronting greenwashing because we want to make sure everyone is taking care of the earth. Join Thunderforce!

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We're always excited to talk about our polymer—after all it could revolutionize the waste problem that has been piling up for years!