You are the heroes!

The Change Plastic for Good® butterfly symbolizes a whole lot of good for our planet, and you are the heroes!

Every time you buy a product with the butterfly, you are cleaning up plastic from our beaches and funding research so we can help make products more sustainable.

The product

Our vision is creating a brand for truly sustainable products

The Change Plastic for Good movement represents a new way forward with a clear message to business and consumers alike. The butterfly represents the most regenerative and sustainable products made with BDP® biotechnology, but it's so much more than that...

The butterfly is a lighthouse in the storm of sustainability, and it will guide you home safely. Change Plastic for Good® carefully researches technologies to ensure the only best solutions bear the butterfly mark.

We donate a portion of profits to A Plastic Ocean Foundation, who focus their energy on beach clean ups and recycling initiatives… they didn’t do too bad on their Netflix documentary either!

Be a Hero